Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another FO

Here is a little item that I finished back in March sometime. It is the Lace Capelet by Mary Heather from Ravelry - a free download for members. I used one skein of Fiddlesticks Lace sensation and in less than two weeks I got this cute little cape! The only thing I changed was to add an extra repeat at the top and I may have used smaller needles than the pattern called for.

In other news, work is extremely busy right now, I have been dragging around a cold, and I was told the other day that I could not have a credit card for purchasing because having a woman's name on a credit card could be confusing. Oh, yes. I love my job.


Steph said...

You might want to direct those morons to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Oh, and perhaps a refresher on basic Human Resources Policies might be in order as well.

Or, I could just come over there and slap them.

lulubelle said...

Yeah. What Steph said.


Please tell me you reported it to higher ups.

LOVE the lace capelet, beautiful!

(my word verification is "torid")

Valerie said...

Gah. Old guys who are sexist suck.

Lurve the capelet. You are just so cute!

Megan said...

Very pretty! Makes me want to dress up and go somewhere special!